Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Hattie the Elephant designed by David Weeks.

Simus the Rhino

Ursa the Bear

Animal Box: Polar Bear designed by Karl Zahn

Polar Bear box opened.

Animal box: Rhino

Animal Box: Whale

Whale box opened.
  I enjoy seeing quirky little details which give interest and character to interiors and for me, animals usually do this. I'm loving these fantastic timber animals from Areaware, New York and they are available in New Zealand from Simon James Concept Store and Fabric. Aren't they fabulous?
Photographs via Areaware.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Pretty Architectural Models

1/100 Paper model set no. 11 Cherry Blossom from Upon a Fold.

Designed by Terada Mokei, these cute models are 1:100 scale.

The models flat packed - ready for assembling.

1/100 Paper model set no. 10 Street Tree

Architectural models are not usually as pretty as these ones! I'm enjoying these spring-like scenes as we venture into our Winter season. Have a good weekend everyone.
Photographs via Upon a Fold.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Eames House Bird

The Eames House Bird on a Slow Wood desk.

The bird up close - he's looking straight at you, isn't he?

Promotional images from Vitra.
I was talking to my Mum today and she commented on the Eames House Bird that was sitting on the Slow Wood desk in yesterday's post. I found out that she has admired this creature for some time. This bird rose to fame when designers Charles and Ray Eames used it as an accessory for their promotional photographs in the 50's - it was actually from their collection of Appalachian folk art. They continued to use the bird and it became somewhat of a symbol for the Eames. Vitra have scanned the original bird and re-created the Eames House Bird in solid alder with a black lacquer finish and steel wire legs. He's about 275mm high and rather fabulous.
Photograph 1 via Slow Wood, 2 via DWR, 3 and 4 via Vitra.

Slow Wood

Dutch Interior designer Christien Starkenburg and her tables.
The stunning Slow Wood visuals are styled by Studio Aandacht.

Here is Slow Wood - the brain child of interior designer Christien Starkenburg. The MUN collection consists of different side tables - a family of models which can work together or separately. Slow Wood aims for timeless pieces of furniture which are made by local craftsmen. They are simple, natural and elegant. The pieces are made with 100% natural finishes and mineral paint.
Photograhs via Slow Wood.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Blonde Wood

From the home of Dutch designer, Christien Starkenburg.

Table is from the MUN collection at Slow Wood.
Here are some images from the lovely home of Dutch designer, Christien Starkenburg. It's great to see the use of blonde wood and it looks so fresh in this interior - very Scandinavian. The tables in both images are from Starkenburg's cool MUN table collection from Slow Wood.
Photographs via Bloesem.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Inside Out Bathroom Cabinet

Inside Out Bathroom Cabinet by Freshwest for Authentics

Last week I ordered this cool bathroom cabinet from Authentics (UK) for a client. The Inside-Out cabinet was designed by Freshwest for Authentics and it was awarded Best in Bathroom Product by Elle Deco. The cabinet is a great way of bringing something graphic into the bathroom where it usually lacks it.
Photographs via Authentics.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Skating Shelters

Winnipeg Skating Shelters by Patkau Architects

Plywood flooring and seating inside.

A skater taking a break from the freezing wind.
I have been admiring these elegant temporary plywood shelters designed by Patkau Architects from Canada. Located by a skating trail on a frozen river in Winnipeg, "they stand with their backs to the wind like buffalo, seeming to have life and purpose as they huddle together shielding each other from the elements." The shelters are made with two layers of flexible plywood over a timber frame - with plywood flooring and seating inside. Not only do these shelters function as a reprieve from the freezing wind, they are also an unique architectural sculpture in the landscape. Photographs via Dezeen and quote from Patkau.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Ikat Covered Designer Chair

Ikat covered Eames Lounge Chair by Commune.
You may recognise this designer chair at the left of this image? It is most famous in its black leather guise - the Eames Lounge Chair by Charles and Ray Eames. I love the fact a designer chair has been recovered in an Ikat fabric and given a different personality to how it is usually 'known' - a nice balance between respecting a great piece of design and putting your touch on it. Photograph via Commune.

Pin Boards

An office scene from Restoration Hardware - liking the large pin board.
A client enquired to me the other day about a notice board for her home office. After some exploration, I came across these smart linen pin boards from Restoration Hardware, USA. I like the rubbed timber frame and the simple linen board - a chic and stylish choice and it wouldn't be hard to get a similar one made.
Photographs via Restoration Hardware.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Kilim Rugs

Kilim ottoman in a Loz Feliz home, California.

Kilim stair runner in a Hollywood home, California.
After checking out Ace Hotel in Palm Springs in my previous posting, I noticed Commune's consistent use of kilims, not only in the hotel, but also in their other interior work. As seen above, Commune has transformed the kilims into a stair runner and as an ottoman.
Kilims are flat tapestry woven rugs produced from various countries, including Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran, North Africa, Turkey and the Balkans - and they come in various patterns, designs and colours. I think they have been well used in the examples above - they bring a sense of worldliness and create a soft contrast to the modern and classic interiors.
Photographs via Commune.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Ace Hotel at Palm Springs

Ace Hotel at Palm Springs

Private patio with fireplace

The Swim Club.

Hotel room.

It's Monday - I'm needing some cool and relaxed vibes and Ace Hotel and Swim Club at Palm Springs hits the spot. Located within a modern mid-century building, this 180 room hotel was designed by Commune and I'm loving the youthful and lounging effect of the place. Ace has a great stylish mix of comfy furniture, kilim rugs, crisp white walls, hammocks and a general make-yourself-at home feel - it just makes you want to kick your shoes off and just be.
Photographs via Commune.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Artist - Anna-Wili Highfield

Grass Parrot

Major Mitchell Cockatoo

Whip Bird


Owl Perched
Check out the stunning work of Anna-Wili Highfield, a Sydney based artist currently making sculptures of animals out of paper. I think these birds are amazing and an unique form of art. Just imagine having one of these in a room with you - I'd probably talk to it. Check out more her work here. Photographs via Anna-Wili Highfield.