Wednesday, September 26, 2012

London Home of an Antiques Dealer




A rich and beautifully detailed London home filled with a careful selection of antiques. Owner and antique dealer Will Fisher has recently auctioned a majority of this collection so that he can start collecting again...
Photographs by Christies Image Ltd. via Remodelista.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Kara Rosenlund in New Zealand

Queenstown, South Island, New Zealand

The lodge at Blanket Bay

Fleur's Place at Moeraki

Hapuku Lodge at Kaikoura

Rosenlund adding her touches in the rooms they stayed in with foliage from their walks

The Bay of Many Coves, Marlborough Sounds

The delightful and clever Kara Rosenlund is singing the praises of New Zealand after her recent honeymoon here with her new husband. Brisbane based, Rosenlund is a woman of many talents (you can read her Inspiration Profile here to find out about them) and her photography skills came in handy when she beautifully recorded her South Island stay. Make sure you see the rest of her story and our beautiful country here. Thanks for making us look so good, Kara - you're always welcome to come back!
Photographs by Kara Rosenlund.

My Flatpack, Auckland

Working hard at Myflatpack

Several weeks ago I went to Auckland to assist Myflatpack with interior changes and visual merchandising for their showroom in Newmarket. As you can see above, the team worked hard - new internal walls were built to create areas within the open space and we added colour on the walls (the green you see is the children's area).
It was great to see more of the successful Ikea products that Myflatpack bring to New Zealand and to display them to their full potential.
The showroom is located at 2 Roxburgh Street, Newmarket and they deliver all over New Zealand. I sourced my classic and super functional PS cabinet in white from them several years ago and it has pride of place in my living room.
Photographs by Charlotte Minty.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Outtakes from HOME New Zealand

A minimal living area overlooking Auckland's cityscape by Andrew Patterson. Photograph by Simon Devitt.

A farmhouse near Nelson by Wellington architects, Tennent + Brown Architects and landscape design by Wellington's Wraight & Associates. Photograph by Jason Rothenburg.

An Auckland cottage renovation by architect, Pamela Ingram - the poem on the wall is by A.R.D Fairburn. Photograph by Patrick Reynolds.

A chic living area in this new home by Hillery Taylor Architects, located in North Shore, Auckland. Photograph by Simon Devitt.

A teenager's hub in an addition by architect Jeremy Smith. Photograph by Patrick Reynolds.

A feather cloak inspired facade by Andrew Patterson in Ponsonby, Auckland. Photograph by Simon Devitt.

A log cabin in New York state's Adirondack Mountains designed and built by New Zealander ex-pat Adrian van Schie and wife Alexandra Perce-van Schie. Sons Huck and Tana play by the fireplace.  Photograph by Emily Andrews.

I love seeing these outtakes from HOME New Zealand magazine - they distill, in a range of single images, the great variety of New Zealand architecture and design. Keep up the good work HOME New Zealand.

PS - if you are not receiving my posts via email, it is because there seems to be a fault in the subscription process. My apologies and I would appreciate it greatly if you could re-apply to get it working again. Thanks.
Photographs via HOME New Zealand FB page.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

What Caught my Eye this Week

This is what caught my eye this week -
The London Design Festival is in action and at the V&A is 'Bench Years' from Established & Sons - 10 benches from 10 designers in 10 materials to celebrate 10 years of London Design Festival. This one is by designer Martino Gamper (the very gentleman who is sitting on the bench) and made from American red oak, soft maple, ash, yellow birch and tulipwood.
Photographs via Confessions of a Design Geek.

And to carry on the outdoor theme, check out this beautiful english garden below.

Spotted on Remodelista, this is Scampston Hall located in Yorkshire, north of England. This garden has been part of a massive restoration after years of neglect under the eye of Dutch landscape architect, Piet Oudolf. Isn't it stunning?
Have a great weekend.
Photographs via Remodelista.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Green Kitchen

The office is having a frantic week - however, among the chaos I did come across this interesting green european style kitchen. This is the second time this week that I have seen tiles installed on an angle in the kitchen. The other example was a white subway tiles installed in a herringbone pattern, which was rather effective. Food for thought...
Photograph by Sharyn Cairns via Home Life.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

A Client's Selection






Here is a selection of images from new clients who have taken the time to look through this blog - they have chosen this selection with their new house renovation in mind. It is great when people use the blog as a tool for research and finding interiors that inspire them - it makes working on this blog all the more worth while.
All photographs can be found within the blog and are credited in each individual posting.