Thursday, March 29, 2012

Interiors Portfoilo by William Waldron

New Lebanon, New York

Home of American painter John Dowd in Provincetown - for Elle Decor.

The home of Daniel Romualdez in Montauk.

New Lebanon, New York.

Mount Vernon Conservatory with Victoria Hagan for House Beautiful

At Nora Sheehan's, Sag Harbour, New York
Home of Paul Kellogg and Raymond Han in Cooperstown, New York for Town and Country

I have been browsing through the portfoilo of photographer William Waldron and one has to admire the vast range of interiors that he has seen and taken all over the world. I have chosen a few to show you and recommend that you check out the rest of his portfolio here.
Photographs by William Waldron. 

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Rooms at NoMad Hotel, New York

The rooms at NoMad hotel

This is NoMad hotel, located in New York, which was brought to reality by Andrew Zobler (who is also responsible for Ace Hotel, one block from NoMad) and designed by Jacques Garcia. The Manhattan hotel will be opening its doors next week.
"We encouraged Garcia to go back to his roots and do something more youthful and relaxed. We want people to come here and have a quality experience but not feel that things are too precious to touch. Romance is an important word for us that's missing in a lot of New York hotels." Zobler, Monocle magazine.
For the rooms, Garcia was inspired by a photograph of a Parisian apartment where he lived in his 20's - think claw foot baths, antique writing desks and windows with architectural views. It looks great and I would most happy to hang here...
Photographs via T Magazine and NoMad.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Marthe Armitage Wallpaper

High Road House, Chiswick, London

You may recognise this place as I have previously featured it (see here). I bring it up again as over the last month I keep seeing the name, Marthe Armitage popping up and this morning I saw it again in a newsletter so I began investigating. Marthe Armitage is responsible for the wallpaper used in these rooms at High Road House, London and the papers were selected especially for the house by Ilse Crawford.
Chiswick based artist Marthe Armitage creates and hand prints her wallpapers from lino blocks in her studio and has been doing this for 40 years. Yep, Armitage is in her 70's and still hand prints the stunning wallpapers herself - what an awesome woman.
Go here to see her wallpaper range - it's worth having a browse through.

Marthe Armitage
Armitage's 'Chestnut' wallpaper used here in this West London home.
Photographs via High Road House and Daily Mail.

Sunday, March 25, 2012


Love the use of wallpaper in this walk-in wardrobe - this is a great way to use wallaper that could be overwhelming in a larger room (and keeps it cost effective too).
Photograph via Miss Moss.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Inspiration Profile - Matt Smith

There is a new magazine coming out soon. It is called COMMON and it is founded by today's Inspiration Profile, designer Matt Smith.
COMMON will be a biannual magazine for those "with a creative bent and an inquisitive eye. It is founded on the desire to explore and document the basics of a rich life –the mix of people, work, leisure and everyday curiosities that inspire and fuel us." 
The first issue will feature the likes of Murray Crane, Alexandra Owen and Jamie McLeallan. 
It will be an interesting magazine and you can support COMMON by helping it get published - have a look here.

Matt Smith

COMMON magazine - coming soon.

Name: Matt Smith

What do you do: Industrial Design, but more like furniture design, props design, branding and branded interiors. Since 2002.
Where do you live: Wellington, New Zealand
What are you working on:
Monterey Cafe, Newtown

Kim Crawford

Who/what inspires me: Wes Anderson, Jim Jarmusch, Thelonious Monk, The Lounge Lizards, Bon Iver, Jack Kerouac, Ernest Hemingway, Charles Bukowski, Mast Brothers, Aesop, Best Made Company.
I work best: With a beer or wine beside me.
What I do when I’m stuck for inspiration: Go back to the beginning, understand the issue, then focus on a detail and radiate out from there.
The best advice I have been given is: Creative – do it. Business – 20% of your product is 80% of your sales.
My latest discovery is: Fly fishing. I have an old FJ40 truck and a beautiful fly fishing rod and don’t use them enough for my liking. This past weekend I didn’t see a single fish in the river so I swam instead.


Ace chair.
Books that I get inspiration from: Kerouac, Hemingway, Bukowski, Kundera and Carver I enjoy, I’m not sure if they inspire me but they keep me going. All male and chauvinistic for some reason.
Magazines that inspire me: Again, not inspiration so much but I enjoy looking at the local ones like Urbis and HOME and larger ones like Monocle, Habitus and Wallpaper. Visual eye candy mostly. Often I get depressed looking at magazines and the amount of design already out there, and how terrible or unoriginal it is.
Blogs that I enjoy: Varies all the time, as I write this I have Reform and Wit & Delight open on my computer.
My favourite room at home is: My bedroom, ever since I was a kid I’ve smiled when it’s time to sleep. I normally have a sore brain at the end of the day so sleeping makes me happy. I often wake in the night with more ideas and just lie there and think some more.
My office is: Anywhere my sketchbook or laptop is.  Often cafes and bars.
What am I looking forward to: The next project.

Industrial Cabinet

Sacrificial chair

All photographs used with permission from Matt Smith.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

A Touch of Yellow

It is a very miserable cold and rainy day in Wellington - a very brisk start to our Autumn. So when I saw this classy kitchen with the bright yellow pendant lights, I perked up as there is nothing like a pop of yellow for some zing. This kitchen was renovated by stylist Raina Kattelson in New York State and makes an appearance in the latest Rue magazine. Read it here.
Photographs via Front and Main.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Home of Terence Conran

The dining chairs came from a decomissioned ocean liner and Conran designed the table.

Black Fischel chairs with a vintage Saarinen Tulip table.

The sofa and rug are Conran's own designs.

The french deco table was brought at a flea market at L'isle-sur-la-Sorgue, Provence. (I've been there!)
The boxes (left) hold Conran's butterfly collection.

Shaker brushes from New York's antique stores are displayed over the bathroom's fireplace.

The armrest on this chair broke so Conran changed it to make it more useful...

Sir Terence Conran is a design businessman that I have admired for a long time - he is a well known designer, restaurateur, retailer and publisher. He has made quite an impression in the design world and received the Prince Philip Designers Prize in recognition of his lifetime achievements in design. I made great efforts to visit most of his retail and restaurant businesses as well as the Design Museum, which he founded, when I lived in London.
So how does a person of his design reputation live? Simply with classic design pieces and quirky details throughout.
Photographs via House to Home.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Inspiration Profile: David Alsop

Welcome to this week's Inspiration Profile and we have another interesting Wellingtonian. His name is David Alsop and he is the owner and director of {Suite} Gallery on Cuba Street, Wellington. Next week Alsop will be opening the new 'Westra' Gallery on Oriental Bay.

David Alsop, outside the soon-to-be 'Westra' Gallery at 108 Oriental Bay, Wellington. Photo - Guy Robinson.

Name:  David Alsop

What do you do: I’ve been the owner/director of {Suite} Gallery for 5 years.
Where do you live: Wellington, New Zealand

What are you working on:   The opening of our 'Westra' Gallery at 108 Oriental Parade on 21st of March, dedicated to Arts Foundation of New Zealand Icon Artist, Ans Westra; and finding a home for the remaining paintings in Irene Ferguson’s paintings currently on show at Level 2/147 Cuba Street.

{Suite} at Level 2/147 Cuba Street, Wellington

Who/what inspires me: People – Desiree Dolron, Yves Klein, Ans Westra, Peter McLeavey, Hugo & Sylvie Alsop
Other – seeing/hearing ‘underdog against the odds stories’;  receiving feedback to the effect that what I’m doing with the gallery is having a positive affect on others. 
I work best: First thing in the morning and between about 8-10pm when the kids are in bed. 
What I do when I’m stuck for inspiration:  Walk around our house and look at what’s on the walls.  Reflect on what’s been working well recently and what hasn’t.  Learn from previous mistakes and sucesses.
The best advice I have been given is: Take things slowly and don’t grow the gallery too quickly (from Gavin Hipkins). Yeah Right.  
My latest discovery is:  Publishing.  We recently re-published Ans Westra’s seminal 1964 book ‘Washday at the Pa’, and published 'Roger Boyce: The Illustrated History of Painting’ (featuring text from Justin Paton). It was nice to think at Christmas time that people would be receiving a present I’d created, and everyone I have heard from likes it!
Upcoming book projects include the publication of Wayne Youle’s amalgam of his artworks and images selected by others, a book for Ans Westra of images of the altered New Zealand landscape and a book related to Neil Pardington’s 'Cushing Project'.
Ans Westra
Turangawaewae, Ngaruwahia, 1963
Illustrated 'Maori' 1967
Vintage Silver Gelatin Print
265 x 220mm

Irene Ferguson
Oil on canvas
1524 x 1016 mm

Books that I get inspiration from:  Most art related books, especially Ans Westra’s ‘Maori (1967) and Notes on the Country I Live In (1972). 
Magazines that inspire me:  Sculpture, Elle Wonen (Dutch), Pilot, Cycling News and Wallpaper.
Blogs that I enjoy:   I don’t read many but do enjoy Roger Boyce Paints and Over the Net and On the Table.  I also on occasions read Murray Crane’s Dispatch. 
My favourite room at home is: Our dining room, which houses some of our Dolron collection of photographs, some of our favourite furniture and the first painting that Susannah and I brought (then sold then rebrought) together.
My office is: {Suite} Gallery at Level 2/147 Cuba Street, Wellington;  'Westra Gallery' at 108 Oriental Parade, Wellington; and at home: office/garage/cellar/storage for the galleries. 

What am I looking forward to:  
Our Irish Terrier not running away (did you spot him in David's profile photo?)
Spending a little less time working. 
Upcoming settlement of purchase of land at Otaki Beach. 
The opening of our ‘Westra Gallery” (opening 21st March 2012)
Arie Hellendoorn
Watercolour on paper
700 x 510mm

Douglas Stichbury
Untitled (Melting Man)
Pencil and coloured transparency
380 x 250mm
All photographs and images are displayed with permission by David Alsop and {Suite} Gallery.