Thursday, December 15, 2011

Simple Italian Holiday Home Surrounded by Olive Trees

A pathway leading to the guest room.

A peaceful outdoor area under the olive trees - the seat cushions are made from coffee bags.

The living area with a bedroom located on the mezzanine.

A fireplace in use.

The simple mezzanine bedroom.

The bathroom's basin is carved from a block of stone.

Recycled timber has been used for the kitchen joinery.

A seating area in the heart of the olive grove.

The guest room.

It is one week to Christmas and as we wrap up our working year, I sense that everyone is just knackered and looking forward to their much needed break. I am too!
Here is a peaceful and simple holiday home in southern Puglia, Italy that just begs one to relax and take their time. Belonging to Bolognese architect, Mario Constanzi and his wife Francesca, this former farm building is surrounded by stunning mature olive trees. Nice.
Photographs by Henri Del Olmo via Cote Maison.


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