Monday, June 6, 2011

Living Architecture - The Shingle House

The Shingle House is located by a beach in Dungeness, Kent.

The house, designed by NORD, is clad in tarred black shingles.

I have been noticing and reading the coverage (as seen in Dezeen, Remodelista and Wallpaper) about the popular Living Architecture, a social enterprise who are embracing the idea of "holidays in modern architecture".
The brain child of Alain be Botton, Living Architecture offers a chance to rent holiday homes designed by talented architects/designers and are placed in picturesque locations around Britain - what an amazing idea.
Some homes are still in development, including one designed by awesome Peter Zumthor, however, the Shingle House in Kent by Scottish company NORD Architecture is one that is getting lots of attention. Not hard to see why. Beam me there right now...

The stunning interiors are clad in white painted wooden panels.

Loving the hooks on the walls located throughout the house.

All photographs via Dezeen.


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