Monday, September 12, 2011

Fabulous Rugs from Loom

Old Yarn Kilim (using recycled yarn unravelled from old kilims)

Dhoku Kilim (this rug has been hand woven from organic wool using a kilim technique)

Old Yarn rug

Vintage Overdyed Kilim

Vintage overdyed Kilim

Old Yarn Kilim Denizli
I have admired the rugs from Loom, Australia from afar for some time - thay have a great range of  rugs with unique colours and patterns. The Loom rugs break away from the traditional rug mould by using clever techniques like overdying vintage rugs in intense modern colours and using recycled yarn ('Old Yarn') that have been unravelled from vintage kilims and handwoven into new rugs. The old yarn brings to the new rug the softness of colour and tone that only comes with age. Lovely.
Photographs via Loom.


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