Friday, January 27, 2012

Inspiration Profile: Stephanie Hobbs

Well, another week has whizzed by and here we are on a sunny Saturday!
Here is this week's Inspiration Profile and it comes all the way from Los Angeles - please meet the lovely Stephanie Hobbs from Marmol Radziner.

Stephanie Hobbs (far right) sits with the other three Marmol Radziner Associates at their office;
(L to R) Brad Williams, Nicole Starr and Chris Shanley.

Ward Residence - Los Angeles, CA

Ward Residence - Los Angeles, CA

Name:  Stephanie Hobbs

What do you do: I am the Design Associate at Marmol Radziner in Los Angeles and I have been here for 15 years (minus a two year hiatus when I worked at Herriot and Melhuish in Wellington, NZ)
Where do you live: Santa Monica, California
What are you working on:  I currently have my hands in a whole bunch of stuff. Here are a few highlights:
  • A Master Plan for a 150 acre family retreat in upstate New York
  • Assisting MOCA with the design for an exhibit at the Pacific Design Center in West Hollywood
  • Designs for two houses in Kauai
  • The design for a new family compound in Montecito, California  including a main house, guest house, gym and sport court
  • A new house in Rustic Canyon, California which is about to finish construction, the clients are moving in at the end of the month! 
  • And finally the Marmol Radziner jewellery line.
Vince Store - Melrose, Los Angeles

Vince Store -  Melrose, Los Angeles

Who/what inspires me: My insanely creative friends and family inspire me on a daily basis. I also get to work with a whole bunch of creative people. Travelling, colour, clothes and shoes.
I work best:  In the morning, not super early and after I’ve had a cup of coffee, and before I get hungry for lunch! 
What I do when I’m stuck for inspiration: I surf the web, typically for vintage furniture, I google image search random things or I flip through a magazine.  I also like to check out what my facebook friends have been posting.
The best advice I have been given is:   Don’t be afraid to ask questions.
My latest discovery is:  That the tailor I go to will make throw pillows for $15-$20. 
Books that I get inspiration from:  'Born to Run' is my most recent read that really inspired me. When I’m feeling healthy I seem to work better, and this book really inspires you to want to run!  Plus it’s a great story. 
I also like to have a couple of fun books on my desk at all times, which right now happen to be a Jean Prouve book and Arcadia Cross-Country Style Architecture and Design.

House in Venice

House in Venice

Magazines that inspire me: I read pretty much every fashion magazine out there.  At work I love flipping through the auction catalogues. Most of the vintage furniture is so much better than any of the new stuff.

Blogs and Websites that I enjoy: I don’t get on the blogs much but I do like to check out what my friends are posting. Sandwich'd, CreateAna's blogs about her life and her creations, it's very inspiring; A Little Faith - she gives you little weekend challenges; Go Figure - a great facebook page about nutrition; Domestic Scene - love all the fun projects and of course, Charlotte Minty. (aw shucks, thanks Stephanie - CM
Plus a few of my favourite web sites - Remodelista - I'm on this everyday; Gilt - love, love, love and The Man Repeller - makes me laugh.

My favourite room at home is: My bedroom, which is basically my closet. 
My office is: Hectic and cluttered but fun
What am I looking forward to:  One of my best friends is getting married this summer in Michigan and we’re all going to spend a week out there by the lake. Also, my sweetie and I got a weekend of rock climbing classes in Joshua Tree for each other for Christmas and we’ll hopefully do that in Feb or April.  Finally, I hope to make it to New Zealand in May for a friend’s 40th birthday!! Fingers crossed.

Want to know more about Marmol Radziner? See their website here and their shop here.
Photographs used with permission from Stephanie Hobbs and Marmol Radziner.


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