Thursday, July 5, 2012

New Zealand Beach House

Dick Frizzell Woodgrain fabric from Homebase Collections

Small Steel Table by Conscious Design and Angle Table Lamp by WORKROOM.

Red Rata fabric from Homebase Collections

Homebase Collections' Hoki fabric is used for the drapes.

Here's a nice chilled out beach house based in Waimarama, New Zealand. Spotted via ES Design, most of the fabrics are by Homebase Collections - a New Zealand textile company. They have the Dick Frizzell Woodgrain, Red Rata and Hoki fabrics featured in this beach house. I also noted the white Small Steel Table by Conscious Design and Angle Table Lamps by WORKROOM.
I have profiled Homebase Collections before on CMID (see here), as well as the cool home of the Culy Family and their Seabreeze Beach House (see here and here).
Photographs via Homebase Collections.


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